Essential facts of faculty

The extensive use of technologies is becoming a typical attribute of modern-day armies in developed countries and the Army of the Czech Republic is far from an exception. The principal presumption of the efficient application of these technologies relates to highly qualified and well trained staff. It complies with the requirements imposed on military professionals, who, as technical and managerial specialists at different command levels, are responsible for proper use and maintenance of military equipment.

The Faculty of Military Technology specializes in vocational training of these experts. It provides university education uniquely conceived as technical and science fields of study oriented at mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, geography, meteorology, chemistry, informatics and related fields.

The erudition received at the Faculty of Military Technology is employable not only within the army. It is fully usable in public administration and the defence industry. Most study branches even accept civil students.

With regard to its specialization, the FMT represents a genuine centre of scientific and research activities in the field of military technologies, whose results are applicable not only within the Army of the Czech Republic and the defence industry, but also in the civilian sector.