Department of Air Force

About the Department

Our goal is well university level educated military or civilian aviation personnel in order to be ready provides his/her services into specific aviation branch in accordance with ICAO, EUROCONTROL and NATO procedures and standards.

Air Force and Aircraft Technology Department as one of Faculty of Military Technology Departments is oriented mainly onto the education of Czech Air Force officers to be specialized in commanding technology-oriented units is designed with a concept reflecting the descriptors of the appropriate level in the ‘Mechatronics’ fi eld within the ‘Mechanical Engineering and Materials’ areas of the National Qualification Framework.

A new five-year continuous Master’s  degree study program is intended for university degree level of theoretical background of Aviation and Aircraft Technology  and more precisely oriented on Czech Air Force military officers to-be planned for execution of leading positions with the responsibility for unit equipment operation and maintenance.

The ‘Military Technology’ long-cycle Master’s degree program consists of a single field. In our department, students have possibilities to select one of following modules:



Inside the Military Pilot module of the Master’s degree program, students take courses of theoretical essentials, applied mechanical engineering essentials plus electrical engineering essential knowledge. To graduate they should meet the technical courses requirements for knowledge of aircraft structure and equipment, JAR-FCL international regulations, ICAO and NATO standards and the essential tactics of aviation type engagement. During studies, they go through parachuting training, learn the theory which is onto the level of PPL and ATPL civilians theoretical preparation and practice flying with Z-142 CAF aircraft.

Air Traffic Control

The field of study theoretically prepares candidates for the Military Air Traffic Control branch of ATC on Airbase;  as the Area Controller and to provide Air Defence Control with the respect of ICAO, EUROCONTROL  and NATO standards and procedures. 

Aircraft Technology

The field of study focuses on design and operation of aircraft. It utilizes information acquired in theoretical subjects on operation analysis, interpretation of calculation methods and aircraft airframe structural layout, propulsion units and explains the principles of aircraft. The main goal of the study is preparation of military professional of technical-manager orientation which is ready to solve expertly the tasks in the field of technical service management of military logistics, to assess the technical conditions of military aircraft, helicopters and rocket systems and to suggest the measures to insure their economical and safety use. Graduates are able to manage of the operations, preventive and corrective maintenance, storage and transport of aircraft, helicopters.

Air Staff Officer, Airport Maintenance

The main aim of these modules is preparation of military individuals who are ready to be resolving variety of tasks in the Airfield or inside the Command and Control structure of the Air Force as an Air Force Staff Service and Airport Operational Support inside CZAF. There are clarified basic hot spots in the base of airframes, aircraft engines and aerodynamics in particular study subjects consequential to core engineering subjects. Student selection and profiling to study modules (ATC, Air force Stuff Service) and Airport Operational Support) are accomplished via different modular subjects.