Faculty scope

The Faculty’s primary mission is propagation of learning and support of free thought and independent research in military technology and relative branches vital for the Czech Republic defence and accomplishment of its alliance commitments. The FMT concentrates on teaching, leading and training of military professionals in engineering majors in favour of the Czech Military Forces as requested by the Ministry of Defence. The FMT may and does teach also civilian students as needed by the government administration or defence industry. The foreign students are trained on contract basis made by the responsible government institutions.

With the teaching, scientific research, development and other creative activities the FMT staff continue in the long tradition while reflecting the evolution trends. It comprises especially the mechanical, electrical, civil, geodetics, cartographic and informatics engineering applied to military environment and marginal or interdisciplinary areas. The FMT’s essential mission is teaching carried out in accredited degree programmes and life-long education programmes.

The research and development activities comply with the law in force and directives made by the Czech Government for research and development. The long-term orientation is reflected in the research plans of the FMT, special research, research run by the responsible bodies within the Czech Armed Forces, external and internal projects within the declared programmes, then in common research projects held together with home and foreign colleges, scientific and research institutions of foreign military forces or international organisations and other partners.

Pursuant to the higher education law, the Faculty Departments are the basic units for education, research and scientific activities. The departments are programme and branch focused and primarily oriented to developing the degree programmes and research in the FMT military framework.