Department of Engineer Technology

About the Department

Focus of the Department

The aim of the department is to train technically oriented specialists of engineering expertise. The training is divided into the areas of Engineering Support, Theory and Diagnostics of Structures, Military Infrastructure and Engineering Machines.

Scientific research activities are focused on the needs of the military and state entities, especially in the areas of protection, design and construction of critical and military infrastructure, diagnostics of building structures and engineering machinery.

The department’s expert activities are mainly assessing failures of military structures and designing their remedies, designing and assisting in the implementation of replacement bridges made of various materials, assisting in the specification of requirements for building structures in tenders, expert assistance in assessing the performance of construction contracts.

These three areas intersect within the department’s activities, influencing and developing the skills of both the department’s academic staff and students.

The Army Corps of Engineers is the only type of military that can design, construct, blast-destroy, and environmentally dispose of a structure.

Types of study

As an important part of the Faculty of Military Technology, the Department fulfils its core functions as a university department in several areas:

  • Preparation of university-educated military professionals in the five-year Master’s degree in Engineering Construction,
  • Preparation of future scientific and pedagogical staff of the Ministry of Defence in the doctoral study programme, both military and civilian, Military Technology – Mechanical, specialising in military protective structures and critical infrastructure protection,
  • Scientific and professional work for the benefit of the engineer army of the Czech Armed Forces and other state or civilian authorities that have in their competence the assistance of the population in crisis situations.