Department of Weapons and Ammunition


Department of Weapon and Ammunition is an applied science department offering courses, degrees, and research in a wide range of areas in applied science. Courses are offered in the specialization of barrel weapons, ballistics and ammunition, optics, optical and optoelectronical devices as well as technical diagnostics of the weapon. Research encompasses many key areas nevertheless current departmental work for distinct research groups is area of passive surveillance systems.

Advanced research is the departmental cornerstone. Research encompasses many key areas and is dynamic, as many department members constantly investigate new and exciting technological opportunities. A current departmental work is focused on the area of design, analyses and valuation of reliability of the weapon systems, its constructional parts and the equipment. Moreover, the distinct research groups deal with enhancement of theory of both design and utilization of weapon, ammunition and optical equipment of the weapon. 

Research and scientific work

The group has produced a lot of Defence projects and Grants such as:

  • Passive rangefinder
  • Aircraft gun (PLAMEN)
  • Weapons development studies
  • Universal breech for ballistic measuring gauge
  • Personal Defence Weapon
  • Individual Electronic Weapon
  • Strength calculations and analysis of weapon parts …